Saturday, April 23, 2011

He's Alive: So What?

While taking preaching classes in college and during graduate school there was something that I often heard, "So What?" Essentially the homiletics (fancy word for the application of God's word) professor's wanted to impress upon our minds the importance of answering the 'So What?' of the biblical text we would be preaching on. So what does the text we would be preaching mean for those who will be hearing it?

This Sunday we celebrate the fact that Jesus is Alive! Praise God! But...So What? Lets be honest I believed and knew Jesus was alive before today. I'm not trying to be mean, sarcastic, or belittle the importance of remembering and celebrating the fact that Jesus is alive. But...So What?

So what does that mean to you and to me? How has the fact that Jesus is alive changed your life? Have we overcome the sins that so easily entangle us? In knowing that Jesus is alive, has that sparked a revival in your life? Have you allowed yourself to be lead by Jesus (since He is alive) and truly surrendered to Him? Since the last year that you celebrated the resurrection how many souls have you personally touched by the power of the living Christ? How many have you brought to the foot of the cross?

Look at your own life (I'm speaking to myself too!) has the fact that Jesus is alive changed your character? Are you more loving? Accepting? Caring? Has it lead you to serve His church/kingdom more?


So what?  How have we allowed that fact to change our lives? If it's not changing our life...well than is Jesus really alive for us? Hopefully our answer won't what?


Carrie Underwood w/Vince Gill: How Great Thou Art (video)

I'll let the video below speak for itself on this Easter Weekend. Let all worship Him, for He is great!

What did you think, feel while watching this?


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