Blogs I follow

These are some of the blogs that I follow and read, perhaps you may be interested in checking them out. Be aware though that just because I read them and follow these blogs does not mean that I endorse nor approve of everything they may say.

If you read any interesting blogs please let me know by dropping a comment below!
(there are other blogs that I'll post later that are more about church and technology (though my friend Rodlie's blog deals with it) or just technology that I may put up later. For now I'll leave you with these)

Seth Godin (one of the most read blogs in the planet)

Michael Hyatt is CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing (good stuff)

Ed Stetzer is LifeWay's president of research and missiologist in residence

Tony Morgan is a pastor and a strategist that helps churches

Steven Furtick is a young pastor of a very large church

Perry Noble is pastor of Newspring church another large church

Carlos Whittaker is well just check out his blog :-)

This blog is of a friend (Rodlie) who is a pastor in the Tampa, FL area

This blog is of another pastor friend (Chris)

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