Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adventist Superbowl Ad: Follow Up Post

Back in a September post  I mentioned that Pastor Leo Schreven was trying to get a Superbowl commercial for this Sunday's game that would remind people that the Sabbath is still the 7th day. I recently got an email update from  that is Pastor Leo's website and in case you're interested here's his YouTube site.

First I must say that it's nice to see that he's using and trying to use every means possible to proclaim God's word. So though I don't know Leo personally I give him much credit for his intentions and use of technology.

According to his email, the petition is close to getting 10,000 signatures so obviously the ad is not going to run on Sunday, though he hasn't given up and hopes that maybe next year it can happen. Yet Pastor Leo is once again using social media to get the message out regarding the Sabbath. He's asking people to donate if they wish so that the ad above could be displayed through Facebook ads. Whether you agree or not I must say that Pastor Leo is persistant and doing what he believes. Check out the info in detail HERE.

Some Adventist blogs and websites have and are speaking up against what he's doing for several reasons. Some of them are because it's not the right time, why provoke people, and that perhaps funds could be used in a more productive manner.

To a certain degree I understand some of the objections. Yet at some point in time the Sabbath is going to be a question that those who call themselves Seventh-day Adventist will have to answer. Many Adventist churches send out the traditional handbills with pictures of beasts, at one point the twin towers being hit was a picture that was used, and also that of many dictators and so on...It's a way to get people interested or who are interested in prophecy to come and listen. In one sense this is what Pastor Leo is attempting to do.

I live in Mississippi and have met some wonderful, incredible people of different faiths/denominations which I respect, love, and see Jesus in their lives. Recently I've been looking into running a 5K or 10K around where I live in Jackson, MS and every single one is held on Saturday, my Sabbath. Now having been raised in Los Angeles and lived many years in Miami, FL I'm sure that in those cities I could find a race to run on Sunday. In this area though in a state in which 67 percent of folks in MS go to church at least once a month it's no wonder why nearly every race is on Saturday. People go to church on Sunday is the statement that is being made so we'll do the races on Saturday. Though I'm not saying there may not be other reasons.

Chick-Filet-A a popular fast food place mainly in the South is closed on Sunday so that employees can spend a day with their families. Chick-Filet-A around my area is to some degree known as the place where all Christians love to go (and of course anyone of any faith). Let me tell you the people that work at Chick-Filet-A are awesome, they are extremely nice and attentive. Once again Chick-Filet-A has made a clear statement and has made public headlines in the past because they close on Sundays.

So honestly I'm still processing everything on both sides. Yet this I know sooner or later, everyone will have to make their own statement.

So what do you think of the Facebook ad? Regardless if you keep Saturday or Sunday do you think these are viable and acceptable ways to proclaims God's word?


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  1. Ofcourse as a young and tech savvy Adventist, I am all for this ad and I signed the petition back in September. I feel that this ad even if it does not, lets say, convert others to observe the Sabbath, hopefully it encourages them to observe Sunday as we observed the Sabbath. A day of rest to spend time with God and with what God has given us, our families.


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