Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catching up & Adventist Superbowl commercial?

Vacation pic: Sun setting at Waimea Bay, Hawaii
Well it's been about two weeks since my last post. I went on vacation for a little over a week (just my wife and i, had an amazing time! Thank You Jesus!) and then about a week to catch up on things. Now it's time to continue blogging here at Bathos and continue this journey of going deeper with Jesus.

I pray that you were blessed by the last post that my colleague and friend Pastor Rodlie Ortiz made here regarding the connection with the mosque wanting to be built next to ground zero in New York and Revelation 13. If you haven't read and listen to his sermon by clicking here.

Also as of this post we have raised with the help of all those that have contributed $600 for the Charity:Water campaign that we started nearly 3 months ago. Even though we haven't reached our major goal, as I've mentioned before I'm certainly pleased that we have been able to help bring clean, fresh drinking water to 30 people! Praise the Lord. As of this post there is still 15 days left on the campaign I would love to reach $1,000! Click here to check out the campaign and donate!

Well now that we've briefly caught up I wanted to start back up blogging with this interesting endeavor that pastor Leo Schreven is trying to achieve. I just became aware of it this week through another pastor. Pastor Schreven is essentially trying to get a petition signed by 144,00 (interesting choice for a number:-) and then raise funds in order to run a commercial during the Super Bowl that will remind the people who watch it (which a lot of people watch the superbowl, something like 100 million give or take) that the Sabbath is still on the 7th day.

From what I've been able to garner he seems to have good intentions and wants to do it in a way that will not seem offensive. Make SURE you click HERE  to check on the site and if you're willing sign the petition!

So what do you think should we try and help pastor Schreven and have this ad run during the superbowl? Let me know what you think! More to less than two weeks:-)


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  1. I am a third generation Seventh-day Adventist. My grand-father worked in Ellen White's home in Avondale, Australia. He would curl up in his grave if it were possible, at this development.

    I am dismayed that the idea of telling people they don't have to worship on Sunday, but rather on Saturday, because Sunday is for Football, is being seriously considered.

    It is typical of the mentality of our church, of which many members have been indoctrinated that the Sabbath is the defining truth - that God will destroy everyone who does not keep His day.

    I have been in business for almost 40 years, I am a few classes short of a Master's Degree in Marketing, I'm not afraid to “think outside the box.” This is a horribly misguided, poorly conceived public relations nightmare. It is sure to rile other religious persons/leaders and will be a terrible waste of resources; time, energy, goodwill, and money. It also trivializes our Lord's interest in our lives.

    The more I think about it the greater my embarrassment will be if this is realized. It is a totally inappropriate venue and with all the other important issues in the world, this will look like a juvenile prank.


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