Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is Jesus really coming soon? (part1)

Ever since I could remember I've heard the phrase, "Jesus is coming back soon!" I grew up going to various evangelistic meetings that were going on at church and sure enough I heard, "Jesus is coming back soon!" Followed by, "get ready!" I would hear it in sermons, at school when I started going to a Christian school and as I mentioned at home from my parents and grandmother.

Perhaps you can relate, maybe you grew up hearing something similar. Biblically speaking there is nothing wrong with the statement. For the very last book of the Bible, Revelation, in the last chapter states very candidly three times that Jesus is coming, 'quickly/soon.' (Rev. 22:7,12,20) Interestingly enough verses 7 & 12 add the interjection 'Behold.' To some degree it's important to understand that an 'interjection' in grammar is normally used to create a keen interest, awareness to what is being stated. It can also be a word that is stated in an emotional outburst, that in of itself may not make sense. An example may be when a little boy screams, "I got me some ice cream!! Oh YEA!" The interjection of course is, "Oh YEA!"

Now what we notice is that the one making the 'interjections' in verses 7 & 12 are none other than Jesus (being quoted by the angel)! 'Behold!' He says, "I am coming soon..." In other words it seems that Jesus is stating His, 'Oh YEA!' in those verses. He's bringing keen attention to this event. It's going to definitely be a 'Beholding', 'Oh YEA!' moment to say the least.

Yet here's my question: Do you really believe that Jesus is coming 'quickly/soon'? Honestly my grandmother whom I love truly believed this but she's since passed away, many before here have said He's coming 'soon/quickly' and have...well...passed away. Many Christians claim to believe that Jesus is coming back 'soon/quickly' just as Jesus said yet seem to be living as if the 'quickly' is not that quick after all.

Granted it has been said if we die 'right now' Jesus will have come for us because the next thing by faith we hope we will see when we awake is...Jesus! But lets be honest I would venture to say most reading this post aren't dying anytime soon (I hope not), I know for a fact Jesus is not coming tomorrow, so here's a second question: How 'soon' is 'soon'? Again lets be frank Jesus has been proclaimed that He's coming soon with much gusto since the Second Great Awakening in the early 19th century.

So here again are my two questions: Do you really believe that Jesus is coming soon? and How 'soon' is 'soon'? Be real, be honest, would love to hear your answers!


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