Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazed by His Grace

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The song has a long history, the words obviously speak for themselves and if we hopefully listen carefully they speak to each one of our hearts. " I once was lost but now I'm found." Personally, I'm amazed by His grace towards me!

I was shown this video last night by another member of my 'growth group' that I lead out. Sure many simply loved the fact that this cute little girl has an amazing voice. Though I agree and love the way she sings it, for me it was beyond that. Perhaps God was speaking to me reminding me of His grace in my life! Reminding me that there is nothing I can do to earn heaven, nothing I can do to earn God's love, nothing I can do that God will love me any less!

Just maybe it was God telling me Javi as much grace as I've shown you, show it to others...His grace in my life empowers me to be GraceFull to others. It's true though...the more I ponder God's grace in my life's history the more I fall in love with Jesus and the more I want to show it others....God help me for showing grace to others is something that is not in our DNA, but it certainly is His!

Listen to Rhema Marvanne sing 'Amazing Grace' below and I pray that you will be blessed. If you get this via RSS feed or by email click here to see it.

Have you perhaps forgotten how God has shown His 'Amazing Grace' in your life? 

Lastly I continue to ask you to prayerfully consider giving to my Charity:Water campaign to raise $5,000 to help build a water well in an area in which people lack the basic human need of water. Give life by donating to this campaign. Click here for all the info (make sure you click on the video).


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