Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan Flooding

It has affected more people (over 13million) than the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami (5million affected). It has been stated that over 1,400 have died, and the UN has stated that it is the worse natural disaster in recent memory.

Yet aid has been slow to get to Pakistan for perhaps several reasons that are stated in the CNN video report below

Let us pray and perhaps in whatever way you may deem fit (using the organization you trust most) remember what is happening in Pakistan. The millions upon millions of people left without food, water, and a place to live is beyond understanding.

Watch the video below, pray for the people, and allow the Spirit to lead you. (If you get this via RSS/email and can't view the video click here.)

On a side note I appreciate all the comments from the last post, those that spoke to me and the ones posted on the blog. Part 2 I hope to have up this coming weekend.


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