Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Sabbath prayer...

This evening as I sit watch the sunset, listen to some of my favorite Christian songs, and simply meditate on the goodness of Jesus. I wonder...ok no...I pray...

Yes I pray...

Lord I want to dwell in Your presence, I want to be the man that You use for Your glory. Yet Lord many times I fail, many times I feel broken with many questions and so few answers. Ever since I was a little boy Lord I knew that you existed, I knew that Jesus You loved me more than what I can imagine. So many years later, no matter what Jesus I know You are still that God, that in the midst of my brokenness You are with me.

You give me victory, hope, encouragement, and You put in me the desires of Your heart. I want to show forth Your glory in my life, I want to bring people to the foot of the cross, I want to help people who are far from you come close to You.

So I beg you help me, help me through the empowerment of Your Spirit to do Your will, Your bidding no matter what others may think, no matter what others may say, no matter what others may do to me. Jesus I am fully Yours!


What's your heart saying?


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