Monday, February 14, 2011

Be His Valentine

I remember in grade school making Valentines cards as part of art class. We used construction paper to cut out our heart shaped cards, then we had to 'accessorize' them by drawing something on it, usually it was more hearts of different colors, we would also add glitter, (art class back in my day wasn't art class without glitter:-), and lastly of course we would add our 'Hallmark' words addressed to: mom!

Honestly I hated these art projects. I wasn't much of an artist, even today I claim no drawing abilities. I always loved to see some of my classmates draw their perfect hearts, while mine looked like it had a heart attack. Yet I knew what I was doing was for my mom, I loved my mom, so even though art wasn't my best subject, I tried, did my best, in hopes that she would like it.

Of course like a great mom that she was and is, she loved it. She always gave me a hug, a kiss and told me how beautiful it was. I don't know all the psychology to it but even as a kid to hear mom say that she loved my drawing and knowing I had tried my best and done it with all my heart, frankly I didn't care if I wasn't artistically inclined like many of my classmates. Mom loved my Valentines card, that's all I cared!

In this post though I'm not going to get into the history of Valentines, where it came from, or should you celebrate it. I'm not going to ask you, have taken your significant other out to eat, bought them flowers, chocolate, or even've bought them/made a card! And, yes, I know what some say, 'everyday should be  Valentine's day with our significant other', reality is for most it's not.

Here is what I will tell you, our lives everyday, particularly those of us who call ourselves Christians, are  Valentine card's to God. Everyday He says, 'be MY Valentines' I love you. Our lives are those construction papers, that God is forming into beautiful hearts. You see as we respond and fully surrender our 'construction hearts' to God. We are assured that He will receive them with embracing arms, sure some will be really rough on the edges and some won't look so bad. Yet be assured that our God will take them all, and with great love will construct for us a new heart.

I praise God, for I am His Valentine now and forever. He loves me! He accepts my terrible drawn heart and says, "come I will show you how to draw."

Will you be HIS Valentine?


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