Monday, February 28, 2011

God, Running, & Signs: Pt.2

In my last post I began telling about an experience I had while running not too long ago. I mentioned three brief points that I felt God was showing me during this experience. Yet I never finished the story (so if you haven't read the first post make sure you do:)
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Part 2:

I ended the first post telling you that I had turned around and starting running back to the starting point. As I was running back I felt this urge that I should warn the folks going down the path, that I was just warned not to go down, and therefore had changed course. For some reason I was a bit hesitant, maybe I was afraid I would be ignored, or the fact that I obviously didn't know any of these folks. Yet, I thought, 'if this elderly couple warned me, I should do the same.'

So as I'm running, I'm warning people. Folks that are just walking, running, and even on bikes. Several acknowledged me, even thanked me, and yes a few honestly didn't even acknowledge me though they didn't even have earphones on! Interestingly enough though as I ran further and further away from the place that I turned around, since it seemed somewhat far away, especially for those walking, I stopped warning people.

Now, I'm just trying to make good time and finish my run, when I took a wrong turn! I didn't realize it until I saw that I had ran more than what it would have taken for me to return. In other words, I had run about 5 miles and turned, now I had ran almost 5 back and my car was no where in sight! I quickly realized where I was though, so I told myself, I'm going for it, I'm just going to run my first half-marathon.

I was really tired by now, had drank no water and remember had a rough start. I kept going and going, until praise God I saw the drinking fountain that is at the beginning of the trail, took a quick, small drink, looked at my phone and saw I still needed about a mile to hit 13.1 so I kept going and praise God I did it.

A few more lessons learned:

1. If you call yourself a Christian and know the saving power of the gospel of Jesus to change lives, along with the fact that Jesus is coming soon. What are we doing to let everyone around us that may be on the wrong path know the power of the gospel of Jesus.
2. Could it be that perhaps we just either consciously or sub-consciously believe that Jesus' second coming is not that close so as we run the race of life, we're not really warning anyone?
3. No matter what is happening in my life, your life we must persevere. Most Christians have heard the text, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." (Phil. 4:13) Yet if we look at the context of that text we won't be tempted to abuse it as it has at times. Listen to what Paul says in verse 12, "I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need." In other words Paul says no matter what I'm facing in life I can get through it all with Jesus. We can persevere with Jesus. Keep running the race of life, you're not alone!

I don't know how soon Jesus is coming, but I believe that it's soon. Even so, regardless of time, God has reminded me and hopefully you that we must persevere in our efforts to tell people that Jesus really, really, loves them. He died for them, resurrected and is alive today ever ministering on our behalf in more ways than we know and He's soon to return. Jesus has called us! People who have repented and turned from our wrong paths, to tell others that through the grace of God they too should turn. No matter what it may cost they can trust that through Jesus they can do all things, for He is the one who will strengthen them.

As you are running the race of life are you remembering to live out loud for Jesus? Remember the finish line is closer as the pace of every moment of life comes and goes...I can't wait to see Jesus face to face at the finish line! Until then I run...


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