Saturday, February 26, 2011

God, Running, & Signs: Pt.1

From the start it seemed like I should've just turned around and gone home. I had set out to go for a long run, it was in my mind to run a half-marathon (13.1miles) this particular morning. I wasn't sure if I was going to go that far, nonetheless I was going for at least 10miles.
Runners set records in 25th Army Ten-Miler 091005photo © 2009 U.S. Army | more info (via: Wylio)

One mile into the run my earphones started falling off, to me this is very frustrating as it breaks my stride and focus. This had not happened in some time but a few minutes after the first time it happened again! Then if that wasn't getting to me, my side began to hurt. Now I was really upset. I had eaten breakfast several hours before to make sure this didn't happen and had not drank a lot of water either. Nonetheless the pain began to get worse and I was now only on mile 3.

Something overall just seemed to be telling me that I should stop, turn around and go home. I persisted though, fought through the side ache, made sure my earphones wouldn't fall off again, and tried to stay focused. Things seem to improve, especially the side ache as I pressed on, when....

An elderly couple walking along the trail yells at me, 'Be careful there is a herd of dogs down that way!' Even though I had my music on, I heard what they said and thanked them for telling me. So now it was decision I continue and risk being chased, bitten by dogs? Or turn around as I've been feeling for some time?

Captain, My Captainphoto © 2008 Josh McGinn | more info (via: Wylio)

For a moment I decided to continue, until? Well...I saw one of the dogs (looked like a pitbull!) in the woods about 60-70 yards away. I told myself, enough, I'm turning back! I had ran close to 5miles by now so it would be close to the 10 I would have been happy with.

Some points I ponder in this experience:

1. Many times I believe God is trying to speak to us, tell us something and we are so focused on wanting to accomplish what we want that we are not listening.
2. I believe that God in one way or another was trying to get me to not go down the path I was going through. I seem to ignore all the signs He was trying to give me. Then this wonderful couple clearly spoke to me about the danger of going down that path. God is so gracious that he sends us warnings, that if we will listen to them can change our lives
3. God ever looks after us. Now this one is a bit tough. Why? Well because so many things have happened to people that pray and love God and they may wonder, 'well was God looking after me?' I can't answer that question and perhaps no one really can. Nonetheless I have seen God's hand in so many ways in my life. If I would have gone down that path on the trail, that 'herd' of dogs could have easily gone after me and I would have had no where to run. God ever looks after us!

Are you perhaps going through something right now that God is trying to tell you something? Are you ignoring all the warning signs? Remember God truly cares about every aspect of our lives!

Stay tuned for part two: The rest of what I believe God was showing the way the elderly couple, as I turned back and passed them said, 'yea I believe one of them was a pitbul!"


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