Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buy From A Christian: The Christian e-bay?

Many churches are always trying to find ways to raise funds for different projects and missions. Of course since the inception of e-bay in the mid 90's many forgo having a yard sale for simply putting items on line in order to do the same without the hassle of setting everything up and then taking back what doesn't sell.
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With that in mind  here's a website that essentially does the same thing e-bay does but with a purpose as the website states. In looking through the site, it essentially has the same basic idea as e-bay but it definitely looks more appealing to raise funds. Here are some points that I found in reading through the site that really seem beneficial for a church as is the purpose of the site.

1. To list an item that is not an automobile, real estate, motor, or marine it's only $1.
2. You can list the item until it sells for just that $1. Though after three months they will notify you that the item will be removed unless you let them now that you still want it listed. There is no extra charge.
3. will GIVE 10% of it's collected fees from the item you list to the church of your choice!
4. Listing real-estate is $20 and an automobile, motor, or marine is $10 to list. (they will give 10% of those fees to the church you list also)
5. Garage sales: This feature seems like something many churches would be interested in trying. One that our church might try. will let you host a garage sale for your church, listing whatever items you want and they will NOT charge ANY fees! 100% of what is sold goes back to the church.

The one down fall that I see at this time if you list an item yourself it obviously won't get the web traffic that e-bay has thus the item may take longer to sell, if it sells. Though the 'garage sale' feature is one that again seems really helpful for any church even if it doesn't have the traffic e-bay has. E-bay also obviously has a lot more fees. Also there is no bidding on the site, you set the price and that's what it is, unless you change it.

Some though have questioned the websites name: 'Buy From A Christian' in the video below, that is also found on the website, the creator of the site gives an explanation and a history on how the site got started. The site obviously doesn't hide that it's Christian, it's intended purpose and at the same time makes clear that anyone of any faith or no faith can sell on the site.

I've listed an item to see how it goes and plan on having a 'garage sale' with my church on the site.

So what do you think? Will you talk to your church about doing a 'garage sale' on Would you post an item or buy something you may want?


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  1. I love this website. I have used it for almost a year. We always book our family vacations using the Bfac travel site and everything I list on the site sells pretty fast. I just joined their facebook page. I pray this site continues to grow.


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