Monday, February 14, 2011

Southern Adventist University: Flash Mob & Blue Hair (video)

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Recently students from my alma mater, Southern Adventist University were trying to raise funds for a project to fight illiteracy in El Salvador called No More Thumbprints. One important note was that the Universities president Gordon Bietz got into the mix by saying that he would dye his hair the color of the team which raised the most money.

President Bietz is much loved and respected by the students and this is another good reason why. He's friendly, down to earth, and shows his human fun side to all of his students. At the same time as mentioned he's highly respected and looked up to. I love that he did this and the students had a blast!

Check out the video below for the results! It's been making it's way around Adventist circles.

So what do you think? If you were president of an organization would you do this?

UPDATE: After posting the video the owner has disabled sharing, to see the video on YouTube click HERE.


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