Sunday, June 27, 2010

New G.C. President: What if?

Elder Ted N.C. Wilson
New Seventh-day Adventist world church president

By now most Seventh-day Adventist know this past Friday June 25th, Elder Ted N.C. Wilson was elected the next president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church. I have to admit that the process to elect the president is one that I'm not all familiar with. Yet you can click here for a short behind the scenes look given by ANN (Adventist news network)

The process is one in which it seems that most of the members of the nominating committee don't know much about the nominated official(s) or perhaps even what they stand for. After being elected by the nominating committee the candidates name is brought to the 2,400 plus delegates for a vote of approval. Again I would venture to say that most of the delegates also don't know much about who the nominated person is or what he stands for.

Yet what if...what if the people actually had a list presidential candidates, maybe they can post youtube videos of what they stand for and their vision for the church. What if the president of the Seventh-dayAdventist world church was chosen by allowing members of the church world wide to vote. Perhaps it can be done via the web, and/or by ballot (like the absentee ballot here in America). Or what if the president was chosen by those who actually attend the General conference session. People would vote by divisions (just like when they register for the session) and then the president would be named at the end of the sessions instead of the beginning...what if?

Ok so perhaps my what if's isn't something that will happen anytime soon, but I do think that the process should be re-evaluated. Nonetheless though we should all pray for Elder Wilson that he will be filled with the Holy Spirit as he leads.

With that said though what if...


(image by ANN)

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