Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adventism: The Message & Mission

Yes, I know, it's been over two months since my last post. Sometimes it's ok to take a break, as I've always stated I don't blog for money. Simply as a way to outlet my thoughts, experiences and journey with Jesus.

Enough about that for now...on to the actual reason of my post today....

 Why are you a Seventh-day Adventist Christian? If you are not, then why not?

Perhaps I'm being to upfront? Loaded question? I would say so...

I just finished this Sabbath a series entitled: Adventism: The  Message and Mission. In the series I essentially spoke on the Three Angels message and The Remnant, how we came to believe what we believe regarding those unique messages found in Revelation and what it means for us today.

For Adventist  'three angels message' and 'the remnant' are phrases that we have heard for some time. Many have grown up hearing these words maybe not fully understanding their meaning.

This post is not about explaining what those phrases mean but to simply ask to the readers of this post: Do you know what it means?

In my personal study for these messages there was one conviction that stood out. It's not necessarily a new one but a foundational one. For Seventh-day Adventist Christians (really for all Christians) our mission is derived from our message. Our message is one that is so deep yet so simple that it empowers (or should I believe) enables, and invigorates us to mission.

Maybe...just maybe one of the main reasons that Adventism is not seeing the growth in North America that it would like is because we haven't really comprehended this incredible message that fuels us for mission.

The message is what feeds the mission...

So I guess the logical question in order to fuel the mission would be: What's the message?


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