Monday, January 23, 2012

Fudge & The Doctrine of Hell

Would an all loving God torment people in hell forever? It's a question that many sincere, bible believing Christians have asked, wondered and pondered about.

Recently I had the privilege to hear and meet Mr. Edward Fudge. Mr. Fudge is known for writing a book that would essentially change his life and that of many that have truly wanted to seek and find truth regarding the topic of hell. The book is entitled: The Fire That Consumes (Click HERE to buy the digital book) and was first published in 1982 after he was contacted to search what the bible truly says about hell. It is one of the most profound books on the topic of hell.

Author of The Fire That Consumes Edward Fudge and Me.

Obviously the book has been out for some time and is now in its third printing. Yet it caused a stir in the evangelical world when it first came out (and to some extent still does) because most evangelical Christians believed and still believe that hell was/is a place of eternal torment where God puts people that oppose him after they die or when Jesus comes again and makes all things new, they would stay in hell burning eternally.

When Rob Bell's book Love Wins came out, I did a series of posts', in one of them I stated in short what I, we believe as Seventh-day Adventist Christians. You can click HERE to read the post.

Essentially though I believe as Mr. Fudge that there will not be an eternal, never ending hell that God puts people in. Some may find surprising that there are several scholars, some well known that also believe the same that are not Seventh-day Adventist. Below is a recent lecture given by Mr. Fudge on the topic. If you have time it will be worth your while to check it out!

Also you'll be interested to know that there is a movie coming sometime this year regarding the struggles that emerged as he became submerged in the study of hell. Check out the movie trailer:

I praise God for his leading in the research by Mr. Fudge. This doctrine of eternal hell gives a dark, malice picture of God. God is love, He does want all to be saved (sadly many will choose not too be saved), all to come and know His great love for you!

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