Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Craving an ipad?

Yesterday Apple confirmed that it has sold its one millionth ipad in just 28 days. They reached the milestone in less than half the time it took them to sell one million iphones (one reason is that you can buy an ipad with no monthly contract with AT&T!).

If by some chance you have no idea what an ipad is, well it's something between an Apple laptop and an iphone. It can do many things that a regular laptop does and an iphone, but having a larger screen one of it's major uses (and even this depends on the user) is reading books, magazines, and the like. Over 1.5 million ebooks have already been downloaded from the ibookstore (ibookstore is like going to amazon and buying a book).

It seems once again that Apple is perhaps well on its way to changing how we do life, just as itunes changed the way we listen to music and the music industry as a whole.

It's amazing the crave that our society has for technology (yes I certainly enjoy it also). I just wonder what it's going to take for Christians to really crave Jesus. I know this is not a new question, but one nonetheless that deserves a good answer.

A few days ago I was channel surfing and for whatever reason stopped on the Disney channel to see thousands upon thousands of little tweens crave the Jonas Brothers! Our society, culture loves when we crave for many things, without craving for the Main Thing!

Is it wrong to crave (want) an ipad? I would say no, as long as we crave Jesus more!

Again though I ask when are we, who are called Christians going to really crave for Jesus? To follow His ways? To live a 21st century life in the way that he perhaps would've lived it. What would that look like? Hey maybe others will see us and crave what we have...


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