Monday, May 31, 2010


The word endeavor means: a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness).

I just got back from spending a good portion of nine days with 50 plus teenagers/youth at our yearly camp meeting. We had an incredible time doing all sorts of fun things yet the most important was the spiritual blessing they (we) received.

We invited as a special speaker/singer Maria Long to come and minister to these teenagers/youth and the Spirit of God truly blessed!

We saw kids come forward that were addicted to pornography a young women who's mom was a prostitute and is struggling with insecurities give her testimony along with several others that were anointed for ministry and had a desire to be baptized. God truly was working touching the lives of these teenagers/youth, letting them know that even though they may have a lot of 'junk' in their lives. Jesus is calling them to 'endeavor' after Him.

Maria wrote a song for this special time called of course 'Endeavor' Please take the time to listen to it here. You can also download the song for free here

Friends this Millennial generation is the largest generation alive and some have said it's also the one that we must re-enforce our efforts to reach. Last week that is exactly what we 'Endeavored' to do, and it certainly is one that requires effort and boldness.

The 'Endeavor' though is just beginning. Are you in?

Maria Long will also be coming to my church on June 18th-19th. 


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