Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big Wave Surfing & Faith!

Growing up in California I was your typical kid who absolutely loved going to the beach to bodysurf and bodyboard. One summer the only thing I did was go to the beach, workout, and play sports until my money ran out and my dad said, 'time to get a job son':) Well that was a long time ago.

Big Wave Surfing Teahupoo Tahitiphoto © 2007 Duncan Rawlinson | more info (via: Wylio)

Nonetheless there was always one thing that fascinated me about surfing. BIG WAVE surfers! There are a lot of people who surf, there are NOT a lot of people who are BIG WAVE surfers. It's really amazing to see someone ride a 25-35 ft. wave! Crazy? Needless? Well not for Mark Visser a well known big wave surfer. Recently Mark didn't just go BIG WAVE riding, he went BIG WAVE riding at night, at Jaws in Maui a place notoriously known for it's huge waves!

Watch the video below! The video may look like it's been computer generated but it really is not! Here's what was said about how it was done via the website that posted the video.

The shots of him riding a 40-foot wave is so perfectly awesome that it looks computer generated at times. But it's not. He was wearing a buoyancy vest and a modified surfboard with built-in LED lighting.
The lighting technologies were created especially for the project by Solus Corporation using ground breaking NASA submarine lighting to ensure the wave and board were lit in the right places, at the right time and illuminated the wave without hindering the vision of Visser, the jet ski drivers and the helicopter pilots.
Here's the video: NOTE: The video has NO sound, so don't be raising the volume on your computer:)

So as I was contemplating on what Mark Visser did. I just imagine how it would be if we as Christians were as daring at times to do incredible and amazing things for God that He might be calling us to do. If a man can feel compelled to do something as crazy as riding jaws at night even with NASA lights or whatever or whatever they were and risk his life while doing it. How much more should we feel compelled, being that Jesus risked everything by coming to this planet and dying for us. Should we not risk it all for His cause?

So I don't believe that God is asking you to ride a 30-40ft wave at night! Yet, what might God be calling you to do that requires you to step out in faith? BIG WAVE faith!


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