Saturday, January 15, 2011

Documentary: Adopting Haiti

Last week January 12th was the one year anniversary of the earthquake that hit Haiti. Next month one of my elders and friend from my church will be going to Haiti on a mission trip along with his son and a group from Bass Memorial Academy. So when I came across this post at A Sabbath Blog it drew my attention.

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The post tells of a documentary made by Timothy Wolfer a student at Pacific Union college (a small Seventh-day Adventist college in California) he made called 'Adopting Haiti.' Here is a synopsis of the documentary from the production company's website.

“Adopting Haiti” is a documentary by filmmaker Timothy Wolfer about the struggle of the Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage and the 135 children who called it home. “Adopting Haiti” shines a light on a side of the Haitian tragedy that few are even aware exists. With only the clothes on his back, filmmaker Timothy Wolfer followed Tawnya Constantino and a team of dedicated volunteers as they navigated the often dangerous conditions in their struggle to evacuate 135 Haitian orphans and bring them to the United States.
CNN recently posted an article written by Mr. Wolfer highlighting the film. I have posted the documentary below, it will be available on Hulu according to A Sabbath Blog for two weeks (until about Jan. 25th or so) then it will be available to download or buy from iTunes, Amazon, or Netflix.

So make sure to watch for free below or at Hulu! (click HERE if you get this via email/RSS feed). I ask all that we continue to pray and support the ongoing endeavors to help the people of Haiti.

One last note if you truly feel impressed to help one of the kids from Bass Memorial Academy go on the mission trip please contact me by email at


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