Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Good or True...? Pt.1

I remember walking into the church and having a conversation with her. When I asked her, 'are you a Seventh-day Adventist?' She smiled at me, knowing why I had asked the question. She responded by stating that she was a Seventh-day Adventist even though she was wearing jewelry. I apologized, feeling that I had unintentionally stuck my foot in my mouth. She smiled again and really didn't seemed fazed by it, as if perhaps it had happened before. We had some small talk for a little longer and then went our separate ways.
This incident happened to me many years ago while in college. I honestly wasn't trying in any way to sound or be judgmental, it simply was one of those times that one wish we would've just said 'Hello how are you?' and moved on. I've been asked before (not always in so many words) 'What constitutes a good or true Seventh-day Adventist Christian? Is it that they (or most) don't wear jewelry? Don't smoke, drink (most don't), eat unclean foods? Many are vegetarians? They listen to the 'right' music (whatever that may be?) They keep the Sabbath? The ten commandments? We have the 'Three Angels message?' If they watch 3ABN, Amazing facts or the Hope Channel? All of the above? Or a combination of the above? For those who read this blog and are not Seventh-day Adventist Christians insert your particular denomination if appropriate. What makes a good Methodist Christian? Baptist Christian?..... Growing up Seventh-day Adventist I often heard phrases such as, "a member in good and regular standing", 'they are good Adventist", "they are faithful to the Adventist message" I can go on but will stop there, I think you understand. So let's dialogue, let's be honest, but lets be biblical. Are you a good or true Seventh-day Adventist Christian? Baptist? Methodist?...What does that mean? Javi

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