Monday, August 29, 2011

A Good or True_______Christian? Pt.2

In my last post we began to ask the question what does it mean, or what constitutes a good or true Seventh-day Adventist Christian? (or if you of a different denomination insert your particular faith).

Now I can't speak for any other faith, denomination but let's be honest. This question perhaps asked in different ways is one that many have asked or are asking but few have given in answer. I say few, but maybe there are more than what I realize that have given an answer, ultimately you will decide that.

It's interesting to me that Jesus in the gospels never called anyone to be a good or true...anything. Jesus called people to Himself. A true follower of Jesus was one who essentially died. They had died to self and become a fully committed follower of Jesus.

You see it is possible to be a good Seventh-day Adventist Christian (again you can insert your particular faith) and be a terrible example of what it means to follow Jesus. Yet it's impossible to be a true follower of Jesus and be a bad example of what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist.

I know what some may be thinking. But is it ok to wear jewelry?! Don't I have to be a vegetarian? You may also say...'but a good and true Seventh-day Adventist won't do________on the Sabbath! Right?

I believe that when we respond to the call of Jesus and embark on a life journey with Him. One's life will change, we will begin to evaluate certain things that we are doing, saying, and simply over all how we're living in the light of our relationship with Jesus. To often when we begin to ask specific and even some may say non-essential questions regarding salvation our focus is more about what we have to do in order to be more saved (which is impossible, either we're saved or not) than what should we do because we are saved as followers of Jesus.

An elder of a church I pastored told me many years ago that the only reason he was a Seventh-day Adventist was because it was the closes 'religion' that followed the teachings of Jesus that he knew of. I'll let you decide where you stand on that...but I believe he was on to something.

So I know what some may be asking now ...What does a true follower of Jesus look like? Hopefully like the person reading this post...

"Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." (Matt. 16:24)


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