Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Wedding Invitation Ever?


Below is perhaps the best wedding invitation I have seen, if anything certainly one of the most creative! Watch the wedding invitation and then read the rest of the post...

Over ten years ago I remember my wife and I picking out our wedding invitations. Well honestly it was her picking and me tagging along, joyfully of course!

The Bible's greatest hope which it calls 'blessed' is the second coming of Jesus. It also says that we are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb. With everything going on in our world, especially as we continue to hear the ongoing saga in Haiti. I yearn for Jesus to come back. I yearn for the bride to meet the Groom!

Yet this very creative wedding invitation you saw reminds me that you and I are what God uses or wants to use to invite others to this grand feast. We are to a great extent the means of how God invites others.

The question we must ask: Is our invitation producing a positive RSVP?


image by [future_leahriley]

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