Sunday, January 3, 2010

Going Live!


Happy New Year to all! Well for some reason it seems strange to actually say and write 2010! I remember as a kid thinking that I would probably never see the year 20?? anything and if I did we might having flying cars:-) Ok so we don't have flying cars...yet, but there's no doubt that technology has taken us to a new level of living.

I personally love technology and enjoy learning and reading about the newest gadget or trend. What I really enjoy about technology is using it to further God's kingdom and of course go deeper with Jesus.  I hope that you have started using the youversion website to help you with your Bible reading plan this year. The first thing I do every morning is read the days reading with my iphone it makes it very simple to do.

One thing that our church has started to do in regards to this issue is to live stream our services and recently we have even started to live stream our services on the iphone! Obviously we don't claim to be the most technologically advanced church by no means I leave that to But we are trying to use technology for the glory of God in getting out the message. Many churches without deep pockets and/or are starting out getting deeper using technology are live streaming there services using the following two mediums (at least that I know) that is: and

Our church has been using LiveStream now for several months and it has been a blessing for those who for whatever reason couldn't come to church that weekend and are able to either see it via their computers live or could watch it later. As I mentioned we are also live streaming our services live on the iphone at: UStream though even has an iphone app in which you could record (with an iphone 3GS) and be live online!

One of the great things about all this is that it's absolutely free (note that for the free service there will be ads showing but it's not bad) and all your church needs is a video camera, high speed DSL and of course someone who is willing to do it! This past weekend GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) streamed their conference on you could see it here

If you're looking to go deeper in spreading the gospel of Jesus with technology this is definitely something you might want to look at. Check out our church channel on LiveStream here or you can also go to our church website here

So let me know what you think.  What idea do you have or know to further God's kingdom with technology?


[photo by zinkwazi ]

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