Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Read, Reflect, and don't Neglect!


Well after the previous post regarding reflecting on our lives as the year ends. I couldn't help but follow it up with this last post for the year.  One of the greatest decisions that often comes as we reflect is the desire to spend more time reading the bible or for some perhaps begin to read the bible. Regardless where one may find themselves, reading the bible is obviously a great new year's resolution. 
Though it may be a bit intimidating for some to take on the task of reading the entire bible I want to introduce you to a website that has made things a bit easier. This website created by one of the most tech savvy churches in the planet has provided this venue absolutely free! I have signed up and I'm in the process of picking which reading plan I want to use. You can choose from several different plans, and even have others hold you accountable. 

So why not join me in this venture, pick a plan and lets hold each other accountable for each days reading and read the entire Bible this year. It can transform our lives and of course lead us to a bathos/deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Ok so what are you waiting for click here and it will lead you directly to the reading plans, look them over carefully, sign up for an account on youversion, choose a plan and you're ready to go come January 1. You will see that you can even do it through various mobile phones! May your journey be one that causes you to go deeper with Jesus!

Happy New Year to all!!!

[photo by Sharing Grace]

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