Saturday, February 27, 2010

8.8 Earthquake Strikes Chile


It seems lately like a common occurrence to hear that an earthquake has hit some part of the world. By now I'm sure your well aware of the powerful earthquake that has struck Chile. First, our hearts and prayers go out to the people that have been affected by this earthquake. We should all be ready to help however we can as we did with Haiti.

Yet as the news updates keep trickling in and we begin to hear more of what is happening in the aftermath, thus far there is something that I keep on hearing and seems obviously evident. It's the fact that Chile though experiencing an earthquake 500X stronger than the one in Haiti so far seems to have fared much better than Haiti. The reason that I've been hearing reporters and experts say this is so is simply because they say how Chile was 'prepared' how they followed 'building codes' and therefore the loss of life and destruction though naturally still heart wrenching doesn't come close to seeing some 200,000 people die. (that we know of so far)

Hearing the aforementioned I couldn't help but to think how important it is for us as Christians to be 'prepared' for Jesus is coming soon! But in that same breath I also realize how important it is for us to be 'prepared' by building our spiritual life with the proper 'building code.' Friend that code is obviously Jesus!

Sometimes it seems that we are more concerned with the events that lead to the end instead of the PERSON who's coming at the end. Sometimes it seems that we're so busy trying to build our own lives yet we don't even have a firm foundation.

Hey listen the bible is clear crazy things are going to happen before Jesus comes, but the craziest thing that I hope doesn't happen... is that after everything the bible said about proper building, we never built on our firm foundation (JESUS) because we never made Him our foundation...

God I pray for Chile & Haiti! I pray that we make you our firm foundation Jesus! Even so come Lord Jesus...


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