Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl after thought...

Though I'm not a fan of either team, I'm glad the Saints won the Super Bowl. It was a good game, good coverage by CBS, some of the commercials were funny (don't mess with my moma and don't mess with my doritos!) others not so funny ( Once again congratulations to the Saints in winning their first Super Bowl!

But really who cares! It's been already stated that this years Super Bowl will most likely be the highest viewed ever, seen by perhaps over 100 million people and who knows how many more. Don't miss understand me though I'm a sports fan and no I'm not bitter because my team the Dolphins had a bad season. Really I'm not.

I've been a Laker fan my entire life and still am (born and raised in L.A.), and after they won the NBA championship last June, after all the emotion and feelings of victory I said to myself the same thing "Who cares!"

I understand it's just a time to get away, relax and have some fun with friends and family and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. But really who cares!

I don't know any of the Lakers and of course for that matter any of the Saints players personally. They all still and will always make more money than the average viewer, they can't solve any of our problems, and a few moments of happiness don't account for real joy needed in too many peoples lives.

So really who cares! I mean honestly it's amazing we'll sit in front of a T.V. watch it for hours without wanting to miss even the commercials and for some especially the commercials. But lets be real when's the last time we spent that long praying, reading God's word, or even that long sitting in church without complaining.

 Perhaps sometimes we say I care to the things we should be saying Who cares and Who cares to the things we should be saying I care.

So I'm not saying don't watch the Super bowl, the NBA championship, World Series or whatever other clean entertainment you watch.

But just a simple Super Bowl after thought...I hope I always care more for the things God cares for.

What about you? Do you care?


photo by [RMTip21 under a creative common license, photo actually is from NFL]

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