Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving: Why do you celebrate it?

Happy Thanksgivingphoto © 2008 Steve Evans | more info (via: Wylio)
Yes, we should thank Jesus everyday, and I'm sure that many of us do. Yet there is something special about Thanksgiving day (and the week leading up to it).

Sure we get time off, time with our families & friends, and of course the great meals don't hurt either.

For me Thanksgiving is all of the above and more. It's also remembering God's leading in this nation that we are blessed to live in. Being thankful that we still (though current events are threatening these freedoms) have the ability to worship freely is truly something to be thankful for. Thankful to God for the opportunities that are before me to be able to serve Jesus in a powerful way because our freedoms are still in tact.

I'm no sure what your traditions are for Thanksgiving, but I hope that you take the time to stop for a few moments and truly ponder and wonder the goodness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lord I thank you for Jesus, my wife, family, for the abundant provisions you have given me though I don't deserve them. For a church family, friends, and also...Lord...for the hope we have in You.

The hope that let's me know that one day soon, we will really be free, because we will be home with You face to face. I can't wait to Thank You Jesus face to face!

To all those who take the time to read my blog, send me comments either here or directly to me I Thank You! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Take a few minutes and watch the video below detailing to some degree: Why we celebrate Thanksgiving:


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