Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!:2011

Happy New Year! 2010 is behind us! The good, the bad, the times of pain and the times of joy.  Hopefully we've reflected, evaluated and learned from 2010, in order to move forward in hopeful expectations in 2011!

Here is one goal that I set out for 2010 and accomplished:

Last year I set out to read the Bible chronologically and praise the Lord I did. Honestly I didn't always keep up with my daily readings, many times I had to catch up. The other part is that I wanted to read the entire bible online, here I wasn't able to follow through. A few times when I was away from home with poor or no Internet connection I ended up reading the bible in printed form in order to not fall too behind. Therefore I read about 90% of the entire bible online, either on my laptop or my phone. I mainly used two versions through the entire year, they were: NASB-New American Standard Bible and ESV-English Standard Version.

What website did I use to read the bible online? I wrote about this site in 2009 HERE Nonetheless the website is YouVersion Honestly I believe it's simply one of the best places to do it in this digital world that we live in. They have an app for nearly every smart phone. Another beautiful thing they've done is that your plan sync's on all your devices where you left off. So if you start reading on your laptop you can start up where you left off on you're smart phone.

As for the actually journey, I can tell you in short that in different ways God spoke to me. First and foremost that it's really all about JESUS! I know, I know that seems pretty vague after reading the entire bible, but honestly for me it's not. It's all about Jesus! Thank you for your grace, mercy, and patience toward mankind, and thank you for the power you give us to overcome, and because you are coming soon to take us home!

Yet that was last year, now to do it over again! I won't be doing it chronologically again but, I will be reading all over again. C.H. Spurgeon said, "Nobody ever outgrows Scripture ;the book widens and deepens with our years."

So it's a new year, are you ready for a new beginning? Are you going to take the time and have the Bible widen and deepen you journey with Jesus?


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