Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you taking a Sabbath or The Sabbath?


For whatever reason in the last several months I've been hearing, reading, and having some conversations regarding the Sabbath.  Then I even saw this video below from CNN. (if you can't see the video click here)

It seems that more and more our culture, society is realizing the need for a Sabbath. A time to unplug, to get away from the daily routine, the hustle and bustle of life. Interestingly enough God saw the need for this since the beginning of time. He knew that mankind would need a day not only to unplug but to fully plug in! Plug in to Jesus that is. A whole day devoted to Him, and to the 'things' that He calls us too. One  example is spending quality time with family and in close community with friends.

Yet what I'm hearing more and more from different preachers and teachers (that I highly respect for their love for the Word of God) and I listen to a lot of them (no need to name them at this point) is yes we should take a Sabbath but there is no emphasis on THE Sabbath that God instituted since the beginning of time. I'm not going to take the time here to give you a bunch of verses and texts but I encourage you to take some time and check out this website on the Sabbath which basically answers many of the questions regarding THE Sabbath as opposed to taking a Sabbath.

So how about it are you ready (even if you are a 7th day Adventist) to go BATHOS/deeper in your understanding of THE Sabbath?


image from [powerpointsermons]

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