Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Balance Beam Christianity?

I believe that God wants more out all of our lives! I've been living lately in this tension, God wants more from me. Today I came across this clip from Francis Chan. I've seen it before and as I saw it again I said God is speaking to me.

Are you living a safe Christian life? Are you living in your own safe Christian routine? When I read the bible I don't see anyone that God has called living a safe, non-risk taking life. On the contrary it's a dangerous, to some extent unknowing, risk taking experience in which all we do know is that God is sovereign and in control.

Watch the video (if you're getting this via email/RSS feed please click here to see it) and then answer the last question!

Are you ready to let go and walk on that beam (metaphorically our Christian journey) knowing that no matter if you fall and fail, you get back on it and live fully for God?

image taken from [Meredith_Farmer]


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