Saturday, July 10, 2010

My time in Atlanta...

Image from ANN-July 3rd, 2010
A week ago today I was in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta with nearly 70,000 other Seventh-day Adventist. During the same morning I also spent some time worshipping with over 3,000 youth/young adults. By that evening it was all over. Impact Atlanta/GC Session was over. It had been a good but long two weeks.

I had been wanting to make a post but honestly I needed some time to unpack everything that happened during those two weeks. A lot went on from helping were I could, to attending discipleship and leadership training, meeting up with old friends and new ones, and one of the things that I looked forward to the most was the evening worships.

It was also incredible to see many young adults lead out in nearly every aspect of what went on at Impact Atlanta. They served Atlanta in various projects with passion and grace and they worshipped with adoration and joy.

Here then is one of the main things I got out of it all, it may not be new but it's deep (bathos:-) are you word...


That's right GRACE! It's fitting because the theme of Impact Atlanta was GRACEfull and the theme for the GC Session was 'Proclaiming God's grace', so the fact that one of the main things I got from everything was...GRACE...shouldn't be a surprise right?

Yet when I say I got out of my time in Atlanta 'grace' I mean the following: I realize that I need to show more 'grace' to those around me, for God has shown much 'grace' to me!

I accept God's's enough! Yet this grace is a living power that must work in our hearts to do His will, to touch hearts for Jesus, to change culture, to change those around us, not through our power but through His powerful grace being proclaimed through our lives.

Are you GRACEfull? Are you proclaiming God's grace?


P.S.: Stay tuned this week, I have a challenge for us all...

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