Sunday, July 25, 2010

MyCharity Water campaign update

I thought I would update everyone on how the mycharity water campaign is going to help bring clean water to those in need by raising $5,000 to help build a water well. First though, a few have been a little confused on how they can help. You can click here to go to the website. Then click where it says 'donate to my campaign': sometimes the obvious is not so obvious :-) See the image below...

I've never done something like this before and I praise the Lord that I'm doing it (with all of your help!). As you can see from the pic above nine people have donated to the campaign so far and we have raised $235 and helped 11 people receive clean water in just 13 days! The campaign goes for a total of 90 days (77days to go!). Below you can even see those who contributed (if they put their names) and how much.

Thanks to all who are helping with this campaign to bring clean water to those who need it. Lets get this well built! Once again click here to donate and let your friends and family members know through facebook, twitter, email, and hey even old school...word of mouth:-)


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