Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peculiar but not Particular?

Today as I was getting my hair cut (the hair i have left:-) I heard this statement being made, "peculiar but not particular." Though the statement was not made in the context of a religious statement, it certainly caught my attention for many reasons.

Mostly perhaps because if you are reading this post and have grown up Adventist, or you've been an Adventist long enough to understand some of the inside 'lingo' you know that often we refer to ourselves as being, or called to be a 'peculiar' people. The reasoning for being 'peculiar' is to be separate from the world which understood in its proper manner is a good thing.

Yet could it be that some are being 'peculiar but not particular' and this may go for Christians of all faiths. In other words people who are calling themselves followers of Jesus making sure that their not like the 'world' (again I know that's a loaded statement) but they are not very 'particular' in how they fulfill what Jesus has called us to do, "Go therefore and make DISCIPLES..." (Matt. 28:19)

Just imagine for one moment if even half of our churches were very 'particular' in fulfilling this great commission! I would venture to say that would make that congregation very 'peculiar'! What if half our congregations called upon the Lord of the harvest to put before them ONE person that they will disciple and bring them to the knowledge of the importance of being a 'peculiar' Christian. One that is fully devoted in being a disciple and making disciples! Just one every year.

Maybe it's time to redefine what it means to be 'peculiar' and be 'particular' about it?


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