Friday, October 29, 2010

One size doesn't fit all

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about leading people into God's presence in corporate worship. During that same time period I had a very interesting conversation with someone.

The individual expressed their sentiments with what had happened at one of our worship experiences. The conversation was intense but civil. Over all we both expressed our feelings to each other.

Essentially this person was not pleased with some of what had happened at that service and a few other things. In the conversation it was mentioned that the service doesn't 'fit' with the individual. That really got me thinking because the reality is that any 'corporate worship' service most likely on a week to week basis won't 'fit' with everyone's desires and likes either. Perhaps they won't like the music, the way the scripture was read, the sermon, the slides used, that a child was crying to loud, etc...

Yet if the story ended their it wouldn't be much of a post:-) A week later after the conversation just mentioned, another individual came up to me and said how much they enjoyed the service. It was the same service that the previous person had brought to my attention and wasn't happy with some of what transpired in that service.

Now...first of all I can't remember if the person who came to me and told me how much they liked the service had ever done so before, again at least I can't remember. After this individual told me how much they liked the service, just a few days after hearing someone else say how much they didn't, I really had to stop and well...shake my head, laugh a bit because I really felt God was talking to me through all this.

No it wasn't an audible voice from heaven, it wasn't the, 'I opened the bible and there a verse popped out at me', it was simply God touching my heart and making me aware that well...'one size doesn't fit all''s difficult that one service will 'fit' everyone, every time. How many times have you perhaps bought a pair of shoes and though they are the right size (the size you always get) they don't seem to be the right fit.

It's also interesting that these two individuals are of the same sex, about the same age, and have lived relatively in the same area for a long time. Yet one was touched by the worship experience and the other not so much.

You know, I never read in the bible (as Francis Chan mentions/allures to in the video I posted a few days ago) that someone left their church because the service didn't 'fit' them. I know we live in a vastly different world with a multitude of options one would say. Yet we must come together, work together, and yes even at times compromise not in our fundamental biblical beliefs but in perhaps the methods that are used, because this experience once again put a stamp on the notion that...hey...'one size (worship experience) doesn't fit all'...

What do you think? Can one service be a 'fit' for all? If not what can a church do?

Note: I respect and love both the individuals not mentioned above:-) and the one that was not pleased with the worship service we spoke privately as it should be and I consider my friend. Praise God that people can talk to each other in love even if we don't agree.


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