Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The world is truly smaller

The first time I wrote about the Chilean miners was HERE. Yet as I'm writing this post all 33 miners have been rescued and I'm watching the last rescue worker rise to the surface bringing to an end an incredible journey to rescue the now famous 33 miners. We should truly rejoice and praise the Lord!

The road to normalcy for the 33 miners and their families is just beginning though, as nearly the entire globe watched with amazement the rescue efforts, particularly within the last 24 hours. Which brings me to say, 'The world is truly smaller.'

One has to admit the Chilean government did an incredible job using technology and seeking the best help from around the world to get these men out. 'The world is truly smaller'

We got to see video of the men inside the mine and were able to watch every one of the 33 miners rise to the surface along with the rest of the world. 'The world is truly smaller'

In the midst of all the joy, excitement, and new stories the miners might tell of what really happened down there (especially the first 17 days when no one new they were alive yet), I just continue to find fascinating how this rescue show us once again that, 'The world is truly smaller.'

Since 'the world is truly smaller' it just leads me back to that text in Matthew 24:14 in which Jesus said, "The gospel shall be preached to all the world and then the end will come."

Seems like we're close, perhaps closer than we sometimes might realize for that text to become a reality, for 'the mission to be accomplished'...because you know...'the world is truly smaller.'

Even so come Lord Jesus...

So do you believe, 'The world is truly smaller?'


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